Welcome to Rising Eternity

April 27, 2010
"All because of you, I havent slept in so long. When I do, I dream I'm drowning in the ocean..."

Hi! Welcome to Rising Eternity. Who am I? Yelitza, also known as tiranaki and variations thereof around the web. I am a young 20 something year old graphic artist, illustrator, artist and craftswoman from Puerto Rico. This is my home on the web. From this one website you'll be able to reach all my other sites, my blog, and find out where else I can be found.

To navigate around the site, just click on the links at the top there. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Check out my blog, eternité for my latest updates, rants, musings, random thoughts, art and Sims 3 Legacy family story.

What's new/updates

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A ton of things are new! This site was last updated in 2003 (yikes!) I was still in college then and just didn't have the time to keep things up. I still probably don't have the time, but I recently decided to start a blog and got around to making a new layout for the blog and this site.

Since I am still updating stuff, some links will be empty, and some might not even work. Let me know if you find anything that's completely off (go to Contact to send me an email) and I'll try and fix it. I'm not a webdesigner just someone that dabbles in it from time to time, so hopefully not too many things are broken!

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